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2021 Volleyball Teams

NET 1 (South)

The Fruit Cups
Hot Diggity

Swing It

Big Ol' Digs

Kiss My Ace*


And They We’re Roommates

The Dignataries

Guru Squad

Team Dave

Irish Settlers*


Team Angie




Hot Damn!*

Round 1
10am sharp on 43rd St Beach!

NET 4 (North)

Honey Badgers

America Runs on Dinkin'

Four Loko

Lily's Spikemasters

Bumpin' Beachez*


Round 1: Knock Out / Seeding Round.  Each team team plays each other 1x at designated Net (4 games).  Single Games, Rally Score to 21 pts - win by 2. Top two teams on each net (8 total) move on to the Champion A Bracket. 3rd place teams (4 total) move on to Survivor B Bracket. Tie breaker is based on the point differential. Two teams at each net will be knocked out. Seeding based on record & pt differential. 

Rounds 2 & 3 (Champion): Best of 3 Sets; 21 pts, 21 pts, 15pt tie breaker.  Rally Score.  Winner moves on, Loser moves to Survivor Bracket. ~Hour Break during Survivor Round 4 before Final

Round 2, 3 & 4 (Survivor): Single games to 21 pts, win by 2. Rally Score. Winner moves on, Loser is knocked out.

Final Round (Champion & Survivor): Best of 3 Sets; 21 pts, 21 pts, 15pt tie breaker.  Rally Score. 

****Beach rules, eye your opponent's skill level, don't be a jerk, it's for Charity!****

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