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2022 Volleyball Teams

NET 1 (South)

1. Hot Diggity

2. Charm City Crows

3. Big Ol' Digs

4. Gleesh Attack

5. Kiss My Ace


1. Top Gun

2. Spain Wine Bar

3. The Guinea Digs

4. Chewblocka


1. Ghost Crabs

2. The Tourists

3. Georgia Bulldigs

4. GoobyScang

5. Sets on the Beach

Round 1
Starts 10am sharp on 43rd St Beach!


NET 4 (North)

1.Team Angie

2. My Hits Don't Lite

3. Flamingo Surprise

4. Team Dave


Round 1: Knock Out / Seeding Round.  Each team team plays each other 1x at designated Net (3 games). Single Games, Rally Score to 21 pts - win by 2. Top two teams on each net (8 total) move on to the Champion A Bracket. 3rd place teams (4 total) move on to Survivor B Bracket. Last place knocked out. Tie breaker is based on the point differential. One team at each net will be knocked out. Seeding based on record & pt differential. 

Rounds 2 & 3 (Champion A): Best of 3 Sets; 21 pts, 21 pts, 15pt tie breaker.  Rally Score.  Winner moves on, Loser moves to Survivor Bracket.

Round 2, 3 & 4 (Survivor B): Single games to 21 pts, win by 2. Rally Score. Winner moves on, Loser is knocked out.

Final Rounds (Champion & Survivor): Best of 3 Sets; 21 pts, 21 pts, 15pt tie breaker.  Rally Score. 

****Beach rules, eye your opponent's skill level, don't be a jerk, it's for Charity!****

Tings' to Know & Bring!

- Tourney setup is between 43rd & 44th this year. Walk down public paths.
- Free street parking anywhere. Convention Center parking on bayside 41st if necessary.

- Check In at scorers table by 9:30am. Will huddle everyone at 10am to kick off
- Bring Water! (there will be a water refill station)
- Bring Lunch / Snacks
(order ahead Anthonys Subs 33rd or Belly Busters 45th)
- Sunscreen, Umbrella, Socks if your feet can't handle the hot sand
- Cash or Venmo to buy raffle tickets / merch (Support TBI!)
- There will be music, games, prizes, etc throughout the day
- Leave only your footprints! Please use trash cans!


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